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​​Display Advertising

  • Purchase a Floor 8' W x 4' H Banner for $........
  • Purchase a Feather Flag at $........
  • Purchase Overhead 3 Face Signage for $........  (each face is 4' W x 3' H)

​​​Signage is yours to keep after the show!

A Donation Box to benefit Flying Wings of Louisiana 501(c)(3) will be placed near the registration table. 

A donation amount of your choice will be greatly appreciated.

100% of donation amount and Sponsorship fee will also be donated to

Flying Wings of Louisiana

What you get is:

  • Your name or company name permanently on box with show date and location
  • A framed letter of appreciation from Flying Wings of Louisiana for your display
  • A mass email Blast with your picture designating Sponsorship
  • Copy of the Blast Flyer and check for your display
  • Your name added to our website as donation box sponsor
  • Sign at your booth and at box designating sponsorship 


​Multi-show sponsorships are available at a discount

Trash Containers
A sponsorship of twenty four (24 ea) 13.7 gallon flip top trash containers is available.

Containers will have your company logo affixed (48 – 50 times each). 

Containers will be placed throughout the exhibition hall and...

will be yours to take at end of show. 
PRICE:  $......

      Additional Advertising Opportunities

  • Show Posters (Lots of 100) *
  • Registration
  • T-Shirts (Lots of 48)*
  • Lanyards (Lots of 250)*
  • Nametags (Lots of 250)*
  • Goodie Bags/Buckets (Lots of 100)*
  • Bulk Advertising Giveaways (Your choice)*
  • Flyers (eBlast - digital media) *
  • Push Cards (Lots of 1000)*
  • Food (Lots)*
  • Water, Coffee, Soda, Beer, Ice Cream
  • Giveaways at the door (Your choice)*
  • Audio / Visual (4 Screened Locations 6' x 6' to choose from at $_________ a day each)*
  • Door Prizes (Your donations would be appreciated)

Sponsorship Opportunities

Gold​​          Silver          Bronze

Advertising House Rules

  • Your advertising design, layout or script can be created by GCIExpo for a charge on a case by case basis
  • You must supply FINISHED artwork to start the process for advertising signage or display
  • An additional charge of $50.00 will apply for each round of changes after 1st submission
  • Artwork, script, and layout must have the prior approval of GCIExpo before display
  • All advertising materials created by GCIExpo, GCIExpo will retain the rights and exclusive use of said materials for future advertising use

Have a contact who would like to advertise or Exhibit?

Win yourself discount credit for your efforts

Contact Gary at for Details, Availability and Pricing

Display, Digital, Print, FTF Networking,
​Sponsorship & More.

Mobile Advertising Opportunity

Our Website is presently being updated Now!  Changes May Occur!      Last changes made by:  7/18/19

Donation Box

  • GCIExpo will list your logo (With a Click to open) and 12 words of script on our website at a cost of $........ per year.   ​Add an eBlast for $........
  • Website listing only $........ per year
  • eBlast only $.........

Examples of different types of advertising and sponsorships you can do.  Not everything in the photo is actual end products.  (Products very)

If you are indeed ready to Advertise contact Gary @

Advertising Opportunities

  • Trailer will be transported and parked for high visibility at all our show locations
  • Advertising is by the sq.ft. for available space per year
  • ​Double sided advertising at $......... per sq. ft. per year
  • Single sided advertising at $...........  per sq. ft. per year

Website Postings & eBlast

​​​Showcasing the Industrial Gulf South 

and also occasional specialty shows in other selected niche locations within the Gulf South area.

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