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​​Display Advertising

  • Purchase a Floor 8' W x 4' H Banner for $........
  • Purchase a Feather Flag at $........
  • Purchase Overhead 3 Face Signage for $........  (each face is 4' W x 3' H)

​​​Signage is yours to keep after the show!

A Donation Box to benefit Flying Wings of Louisiana 501(c)(3) will be placed near the registration table. 

A donation amount of your choice will be greatly appreciated.

100% of donation amount and Sponsorship fee will also be donated to

Flying Wings of Louisiana

What you get is:

  • Your name or company name permanently on box with show date and location
  • A framed letter of appreciation from Flying Wings of Louisiana for your display
  • A mass email Blast with your picture designating Sponsorship
  • Copy of the Blast Flyer and check for your display
  • Your name added to our website as donation box sponsor
  • Sign at your booth and at box designating sponsorship 


​Multi-show sponsorships are available at a discount

Trash Containers
A sponsorship of twenty four (24 ea) 13.7 gallon flip top trash containers is available.

Containers will have your company logo affixed (48 – 50 times each). 

Containers will be placed throughout the exhibition hall and...

will be yours to take at end of show. 
PRICE:  $......

Additional Advertising Opportunities

  • Show Posters (Lots of 100) *
  • Registration
  • T-Shirts (Lots of 48)*
  • Lanyards (Lots of 250)*
  • Nametags (Lots of 250)*
  • Goodie Bags/Buckets (Lots of 100)*
  • Bulk Advertising Giveaways (Your choice)*
  • Flyers (eBlast - digital media) *
  • Push Cards (Lots of 1000)*
  • Food (Lots)*
  • Water, Coffee, Soda, Beer, Ice Cream
  • Giveaways at the door (Your choice)*
  • Audio / Visual (4 Screened Locations 6' x 6' to choose from at $_________ a day each)*
  • Door Prizes (Your donations would be appreciated)

Sponsorship Opportunities

Gold​​          Silver          Bronze

Advertising House Rules

  • Your advertising design, layout or script can be created by GCIExpo for a charge on a case by case basis
  • You must supply FINISHED artwork to start the process for advertising signage or display
  • An additional charge of $50.00 will apply for each round of changes after 1st submission
  • Artwork, script, and layout must have the prior approval of GCIExpo before display
  • All advertising materials created by GCIExpo, GCIExpo will retain the rights and exclusive use of said materials for future advertising use

Have a contact who would like to advertise or Exhibit?

Win yourself discount credit for your efforts

Contact Gary at for Details, Availability and Pricing

Display, Digital, Print, FTF Networking,
​Sponsorship & More.

Mobile Advertising Opportunity

  • GCIExpo will list your logo (With a Click to open) and 12 words of script on our website at a cost of $........ per year.   ​Add an eBlast for $........
  • Website listing only $........ per year
  • eBlast only $.........

Donation Box

Website Postings & eBlast

If you are indeed ready to Advertise contact Gary @

Contact Us
Gulf Coast Industrial Expo
Gonzales, LA  70707

Advertising Opportunities

​​​Showcasing the Industrial Gulf South 

and also occasional specialty shows in other selected niche locations within the Gulf South area.

  • Trailer will be transported and parked for high visibility at all our show locations
  • Advertising is by the sq.ft. for available space per year
  • ​Double sided advertising at $......... per sq. ft. per year
  • Single sided advertising at $...........  per sq. ft. per year