and also occasional specialty shows in other selected niche locations within the Gulf South area.

​​​Showcasing the Industrial Gulf South 

Become A Sponsor

Sponsoring for GCIExpo is an excellent way to showcase your company to the Industrial Gulf South. GCIExpo offers a range of sponsorships which are designed to enhance your brand's visibility to decision makers on current and future projects. Our team is ready to customize a sponsorship package to address your objectives and needs.

Corporate Sponsor:

2020 Corporate Sponsorship Benefits:

  • Four Rooms, 2 nights at Clarion Inn 
  • Dinner for 4 at Mike Anderson’s Seafood
  • Corporate Show Sponsorship Featured on Annual Blowout Posters
  • 1 year advertising on GCIExpo’s Website
  • Permanent Website listing as GCI-20 Blowout Show Sponsor
  • Golf For 4 at Pelican Point
  • Upfront Show 20’ x 10’ Corporate Sponsorship booth at all GCI-20 Exhibits 
  • Private Hospitality Suite with catered refreshments for 50 Guests during 2020 Gonzales BLOWOUT
  • Transportation to and from Hospitality and Exhibit Hall during 2020 Gonzales BLOWOUT
  • Picture in multiple magazines and papers designating GCI sponsorship
  • Additional free booth at all 2021 GCI shows
  • Corporate Sponsorship advertisement starts at commitment to sponsor and ends January 2021
  • One Time GCI Magazine Cover Page designation Sponsorship
  • Four GCI Magazine issues with 2 page feature article
  • Lifetime acknowledgement  as the 2020 Corporate Sponsor in all GCI Magazine Publications
  • Company display Plaque designating Sponsorship
  • Signage at entry gate
  • Signage at booth designating sponsorship

Gold Sponsor:

2020 Gold Sponsorship Benefits:

  • Three Rooms, 1 night,  GCI-20 Gonzales Show
  • Dinner for 3 at Mike Anderson’s Seafood
  • Website advertising as GCI-20 Blowout Gold Sponsor
  • Golf for 4 at Pelican Point (Gift Certificate)
  • Premium 20’ x 10’ at GCI-20 Blowout Booth
  • Premium booth at one future show of your choice
  • 1 Email Blast
  • Picture on Website designating GCI Gold Sponsorship
  • One year website acknowledgement as the Blowout 2020 Gold Sponsor 
  • Company Display Plaque Designating Sponsorship
  • Sign at Booth Designating Gold Sponsorship

Silver Sponsor:

2020 Blowout Silver Sponsorship Benefits:

  • Two Rooms, 1 night stay, GCI-20 Gonzales Show
  • Dinner for 2 at Mike Anderson’s Seafood
  • Blowout Website advertising
  • Golf for 4 at Pelican Point (Gift Certificate)
  • One corner 10’ x 10’ booth at GCI-20 Blowout
  • Free corner booth at one addition GSI Show, your choice 
  • Blow out website advertising as GCI-20  Silver Sponsor.
  • 1 Email blast
  • Picture on Website designating GCI-20 Sponsor
  • Company Display Plaque designating Silver Sponsorship
  • Sign at Booth designating Silver Sponsorship

Bronze Sponsor:

2020 Bronze Sponsorship Benefits:

  • One Room, 1 night, GCI-20 Gonzales Show
  • Dinner for 1 at Mike Anderson’s Seafood
  • Website advertising as GCI-20 Bronze Sponsor
  • Golf for 2 at Pelican Point (Gift Certificate)
  • 10 x 10 booth at GCI-20  Blowout
  • Free 10 x 10 booth at a future GCI show. Your choice
  • Picture on Website Designating Bronze Sponsorship
  • Sign at booth Designating Bronze Sponsorship

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